Notice to Seekonk Total Fitness Members

January 7, 2019 / News & Announcements, Seekonk


Due to structural plumbing issues,

Seekonk Total Fitness will be closed until further notice, starting Monday December 31st 2018.

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of a process beyond our control regarding any potential re-opening date. As the landlord works on the planning, financing, and completion of this repair, we will keep all members informed along the way.
We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience and encourage all members to use our Swansea, Bristol, and Dartmouth locations. We plan on adding additional classes to our Swansea schedule to help accommodate several cancelled Seekonk classes. Our trainers, instructors and staff will be joining these other clubs during this time and we hope you will too.

What should you do? Below are several options to help you decide:

  • Continue using Total Fitness Clubs locations: Any Seekonk Total Fitness members who wish to use Swansea, Bristol or Dartmouth may scan in using their current key tag to any other locations. Your membership gives you access to all locations, equipment and group exercise classes. Some of the equipment and layout may be different and we will be providing a complimentary demonstration with a trainer to get you acclimated and help towards your goals
  • Temporarily Freeze membership: If you want to place your Seekonk Total Fitness Clubs membership on hold while the repairs are being done, please fill out a freeze form at any of our locations or email . We can arrange to keep your membership on hold until repairs are complete ($5 freeze fee will be waived)
  • Cancel membership: If you are unable to use either the Swansea, Bristol, or Dartmouth locations and would like to completely cancel your membership, please fill out a cancelation form at any of our locations or email The 30-day notice to cancel will be waived for any Seekonk Total Fitness members who choose this option.
  • Pre-paid short-term memberships: If you have paid in full for a short term membership (6 Months or Year pre-paid), the balance of your membership time will be automatically honored at our Swansea, Bristol, and Dartmouth locations. If you are unable to use these locations, please email to arrange a refund or to freeze.


We understand that this may cause an inconvenience for you. We hope that you will continue working towards your goals at our other locations. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding in this challenging time.