Total Fitness Membership Concerns

March 19, 2020 / General, News & Announcements

Total Fitness Membership Concerns

The Staff and Management of Total Fitness Clubs appreciate your patience and understanding as we all try to navigate through the next few weeks of this State of Emergency.

Rest assured Total Fitness Clubs will not be billing any members for their April membership until we re-open. If we have not re-opened by April 1st, Total Fitness will not bill you for your April membership at that time.

Based on what day that we reopen, Total Fitness Clubs will provide for a process to Prorate members dues for the month of April.

For those members concerned about the balance of their March membership due to our closing the clubs on March 17, 2020, because of the State of Emergency, please reply to this email with your full name and key tag number and we will make every effort to credit a portion of your March dues to your account and apply it to your April dues payment.

Over the next few weeks, please remember to support all your local businesses during this most challenging of times.

Stay Well,

Geoff Morin
Total Fitness Clubs, Inc