Trainer - Susan Gibeau: Certified Personal Trainer

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Susan Gibeau: Certified Personal Trainer

Susan Gibeau: Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer, Bristol, Fitness Instructor
Sue is an energetic, self-motivated fitness professional with 45+ years in the Fitness Industry. Her experience as a Physical Education teacher (K-12), Co/Ed Track and Field coach (12 yrs), Conditioning Coach, and Spinning and Fitness instructor, has given her the tools necessary to assist a wide range of age groups, fitness levels and physical abilities and challenges, including, but not limited to children, adolescents, high school athletes, and active older adults, especially seniors. She enjoys preseason conditioning for athletes of all ages. While many “one size fits most” fitness programs are available, an individual, tailored program often yields the greatest results. Her favorite style of training is Small Group Training. Philosophy: Never aspire to be like someone. Live to be the greatest version of yourself! (Photo taken by Holly Haddad Photography)