Bristol Total Fitness February 2019

January 28, 2019 / Bristol, News & Announcements


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Join Online Today!

Now instead of coming to our clubs to purchase memberships, people will have the opportunity to purchase memberships at their convenience from their computer, smartphones, etc. Feel free to share the link with friends and family.

Online Offer: $29 a Month

Team Burpee Challenge

A fitness fundraiser to support The Potter League for Animals. They are located in Middletown, RI and provide shelter and care for lost or unwanted companion animals. The Potter League are committed to enhancing the lives of animals in their care and fostering relationships between the animals and people. Click here for more about their mission.

Burpee Challenge Details: Each Team Burpee competitor will start the challenge on Feb. 1 with a goal of completing 500 burpees by Feb. 28. The 500 count will be split up with a recommended number of burpees completed each day/week. For each $1 collected, each competitor will do an extra burpee above and beyond the 500 count! Our goal is to collect over $500 in donations.

To join the Team, sign up at the Bristol Total Fitness front desk or email Personal Trainer, Adriana Ferns at or if you would just like to donate click here.

Pedal To End Cancer

Pedal to End Cancer, formerly Spin for Hope, is a three-hour SPINNING event taking place simultaneously at participating health clubs around New England. 100% of the contributions go directly to the American Cancer Society!

This is really just a giant Spin Party for a great cause! With over 80 participants last year, Total Fitness raised almost $66,500 for the ACS through this event!

Click Here to register online and select our club "Total Fitness: Bristol, Swansea, Seekonk, Dartmouth". For further instructions click here.

Open to all members and the public!

Registration Fee: $25
Time: Sunday, Mar 3rd @ 9am - 12pm
Event Instructors: Julie, Tammy, Adriana, Lizzie, Peggy, Leslie
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Dartmouth Total Fitness Wellness Center Space Available

Are you looking to expand your business or start a new practice? Our Total Fitness Wellness Center in Dartmouth, MA has one finished office with a private entrance, ideal for professional services such as massage or a doctors 2nd office location. Heat and electric included along with access to a thriving health club with fitness-minded clientele.

For more information email us at or call 508-995-5600.

360 Faunce Corner Rd.
Dartmouth, Ma.


Pilates Studio @ Bristol Total Fitness

Work your body, mind and lift your spirit in our Pilates Studio located at Bristol Total Fitness. Check out the studio's Class Schedule for Pilates Reformer Classes. Contact us for your complimentary 30 minute Pilate's equipment introduction.

685 Metacom Ave
Bristol, RI

Mix It Up with Dawn Casella

Break out of the monotony of the circuit by using TRX, cable weights, free weights, gliders, and bands. Dawn will motivate, keep you focused and accountable. The support and camaraderie from participants will keep you on track toward your fitness goals. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Feb 7th - Feb 28th

Cost: $70
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Weight Loss Clinic with Walter Medeiros

Participants will undertake a 10-week program that will combine personalized dietary guidelines for each individual along with a weekly group training session which will help build camaraderie amongst participants which will help you overcome many obstacles. Also included, weekly weigh-ins followed by a “group therapy” session to ultimately lose as much weight safely as well as to allow for the greatest amount of success to keep the weight off.

Classes are based on fitness level, participants must contact Walter prior to the program at Space is limited, participants must sign up 1 week in advance and pay for 1/2 of the program to reserve a spot. (Friday - min. 3 max. 6 participants) (Saturday - min. 3 max. 8 participants)

Saturday @ 9am - 10am, Feb 9th - May 11th
Saturday @ 6am - 7am, Apr 6th - Jun 8th

Cost: $175
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

TRX Suspension Training with Adriana Ferns

Break out from your old routine and join Adriana for this 8-week program. TRX is a form of suspension training used to perform total body workouts with exercises that engage your core while using your own bodyweight for resistance. Adriana will use TRX to take your resistance training to a new level through functional and dynamic movements, perfect for any age and any fitness level. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6am - 7am, Feb 11th - Apr 1st

Cost: $130
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Precourse with Adriana Ferns

This 8-week group training will prepare you for the next phase of obstacle course racing. With Adriana's guidance, you will build a foundation along with the tools you'll need for your upcoming race. The program includes nutritional guidance to get you ripped, meal plan and body composition to achieve maximum benefits. Enjoy the comradery of training with like-minded participants even if an obstacle race isn't in your near future. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Wednesday @ 5:45am - 6:45am, Feb 13th - Apr 3rd

Cost: $130
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Woman of Steel with Walter Medeiros

Join this 8-week progressive strength-training program for women focusing on all aspects of fitness including cardiovascular & muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. Participants will enjoy the camaraderie of working with a group in a fun and encouraging atmosphere to achieve results. Workouts will consist of weight, balance and flexibility training with cardio intervals to focus on core strength. All fitness levels welcome. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Classes are based on fitness level, participants must contact Walter prior to the program at Group Training can be prorated so you can jump in at any time where this is availability.

Still not sure if this workshop is for you? Contact Walter at the email above for a one-day free trial.

Thursday @ 6pm - 7pm, Feb 14th - Apr 4th
Saturday @ 7am - 8am, Feb 16th - Apr 6th
Saturday @ 10am - 11am, Feb 16th - Apr 6th
Thursday @ 6pm - 7pm, Apr 11th - May 30th

Cost: $130 (Optional $20 Drop-In)
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Winter Survival with Dawn Casella

Get back on track after the holidays with this 6-week group training for all fitness levels. Workouts are designed to improve your overall health and well-being in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Training sessions incorporate weights, TRX, bands and mat work that can be modified if needed. Participants are assisted in reaching their personal goals in a supportive team atmosphere. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Feb 25th - Apr 1st

Cost: $99
Location: Bristol Total Fitness



  • Donna’s Low & Loaded Tues. 2/5 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue G’s Core Fusion Thurs. 2/7 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue D’s Just Dance Tues. 2/12 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue D’s Mommy & Me Sat. 2/16 @ 11:00 AM
  • Sue G’s Senior Spin Tues. 2/19 @ 10:30 AM
  • Sue D’s Stretch Thurs. 2/21 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue D’s Just Dance Tues. 2/26 @ 8:30 AM
  • Donna’s Low & Loaded Thurs. 2/28 @ 8:30 AM


Mike and Alyssa Gaudreau joined Bristol Total Fitness in 2006. They both run and attend the gym daily. Mike, is a dedicated runner, completes 3 miles each day followed by weight training, focusing on 1 body part per day. Alyssa’s routine is running 3 miles in her limited workout time of 30 minutes or doing interval training on the treadmill. Her weight training days incorporate what she learned while working with trainer Erin Ward for several years. Alyssa’s tip for health and fitness: “Find the balance that works for you.” Mike adds: “You can never drink enough water, eat enough vegetables, or sleep enough hours.”