Dartmouth Total Fitness March 2019

February 21, 2019 / Dartmouth, News & Announcements


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Join Online Today!

Now instead of coming to our clubs to purchase memberships, people will have the opportunity to purchase memberships at their convenience from their computer, smartphones, etc. Feel free to share the link with friends and family.

Online Offer: $29 a Month

Pedal To End Cancer

Pedal to End Cancer, formerly Spin for Hope, is a three-hour SPINNING event taking place simultaneously at participating health clubs around New England. 100% of the contributions go directly to the American Cancer Society!

This is really just a giant Spin Party for a great cause! With over 80 participants last year, Total Fitness raised almost $66,500 for the ACS through this event!

Click Here to register online and select our club "Total Fitness: Bristol, Swansea, Seekonk, Dartmouth". For further instructions click here.

Open to all members and the public!

Registration Fee: $25
Time: Sunday, Mar 3rd @ 9am - 12pm
Event Instructors: Julie, Tammy, Adriana, Lizzie Peggy, Leslie
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

April Group Power Release!

Are You Ready? Prepare yourself for this amazing release with new moves and great music. Our instructors are ready to take your strength training fitness to the next level. Click here to check out the April release. Stay tuned for launch dates.


Total Fitness 17th Anniversary Celebration

Come Check Us Out! Total Fitness is Celebrating its 17th Anniversary and we want you to bring your friends and family to this event open to the public.

Attendees should come prepared to have fun and enjoy FREE: 

  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Refreshments
  • Trainer Demos
  • Plank Off Competition
  • Raffle for a 3 Month Membership and More!!

Time: Saturday @ 6am - 6pm, Apr 13th
Location: All Total Fitness Clubs

Dartmouth Total Fitness Wellness Center Space Available

Are you looking to expand your business or start a new practice? Our Total Fitness Wellness Center in Dartmouth, MA has one finished office with a private entrance, ideal for professional services such as massage or a doctors 2nd office location. Heat and electric included along with access to a thriving health club with fitness-minded clientele.

For more information email us at info@totalfitnessclubs.com or call 508-995-5600.

360 Faunce Corner Rd.
Dartmouth, Ma.


Parkinson's Strong with Jodi Garie

Join Jodi Garie for this 6-week group training designed and structured for those in early to middle stage Parkinson's Disease. This training will help you make great strides in your exercise regimen by giving you the tools to manage the symptoms and physical limitations that can affect those with Parkinson's such as posture, gait, voice tone, agility, stiffness, balance, strength, and endurance. Exercise is the #1 prescription shown to improve Parkinson's symptoms as well as provide overall health benefits and the quality of life! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Wednesday @ 11am - 12pm, Mar 20th - Apr 24th

Cost: $99
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

N-Spire Fit with Julie Fostin

Are you in need of some fitness N-Spiration? Join Julie for this 6-week group training that will motivate you to achieve your health and wellness goals. She will challenge you with interval workouts with a variety of equipment to improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Enjoy working out with fellow participants to push you to the next level of fitness. The program will include a: fitness assessment, weigh-in at the beginning and end of the program along with a weekly email with fit tips and recipes. Julie will N-Spire you to believe fitness is fun! All levels of fitness welcome. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Tuesday @ 9am - 10am, Mar 12th - Apr 16th
Tuesday @ 9am - 10am, Apr 23rd - Jun 4th

Cost: $99 (Optional $20 Drop-In)
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

Fit Body Boot Camp with Stacia Abdow

This 6-week program will offer you a challenging total body workout designed to burn maximum fat and calories. Your training will include various types of equipment along with nutritional guidance, weekly recipes, and fit tips. Stacia will help you achieve your fitness goals and build your confidence. All fitness levels welcome. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 5pm - 6pm, Mar 14th - Apr 18th
Thursday @ 5pm - 6pm, Apr 25th - May 30th

Cost: $99
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

Total Fitness for Women with Stacia Abdow

Total Fitness for Women is an 8-week group-training program under the supervision of our certified personal trainer, Stacia Abdow. The program is for women of all fitness levels who have a desire to be the best they can possibly be. Learn how to make your workouts more effective with workouts tailored to your needs and goals. Accountability and support from your trainer and group will help you reach your goals. Stacia will provide each participant with written workouts to follow outside training times, nutrition guidance for pre and post workout meals, and measurements to keep your progress on track. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Friday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Mar 22nd - May 10th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

Fever Fit with Julie Fostin

Catch the fever! Make progress and mix up your routine with circuit strength training, cardio intervals and more. Join Julie for 8 weeks of fun with routines that will keep you accountable and challenged. Including, weekly emails, recipes, along with exercise and nutritional accountability! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 9am - 10am, Mar 30th - May 18th
Wednesday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Apr 17th - Jun 5th
Saturday @ 9am - 10am, Jun 1st - Jul 20th
Wednesday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Jun 19th - Aug 7th

Cost: $130 (Optional $20 Drop-In)
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

Couch to 5k with Julie Fostin

Have you always wanted to run a 5k but just don’t know how to go about it? Now is your chance! Join this outdoor 8-week training at Buttonwood Park with participants that are just starting out just like you. Training will include an assessment before and after, a group training session, and 5k homework. Julie’s goal for you is to join her to run/walk/jog and finish the Fairhaven Father's Day Road Race. Has this always been on your bucket list, time to cross it off.

Saturday @ 10:30am - 11:30am, Apr 13th - Jun 8th

Cost: $130 (race registration not included)
Location: Buttonwood Park

Rock Your Resolution with Stacia Abdow

Stacia’s weight-loss challenge is an 8-week program to keep participants accountable to their New Year's Resolutions. The workout will be designed to be high-intensity interval training. Including weekly weigh-ins to keep you focused on your goals. Let's keep those heart rates up and burn some major calories! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 11am - 12pm, Apr 20th - Jun 8th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness



  • Ashleigh’s Zumba Strong Sunday 3/3 & 3/17 @ 8:30 AM
  • Julia’s Intro to Spin Saturday 3/9 @ 9:15 AM
  • Donna’s Barre Above Saturday 3/16 & 3/30 @ 10:00 AM
  • Dawn’s Zumba Thursday 3/21 @ 5:30 PM


John Rogers and Leslie Haaland joined Dartmouth Total Fitness in December 2017. This brother-sister duo attends the gym together, 5-7 times per week. Leslie is a fan of Group Power, Kickboxing and Zumba Strong. They both agree that being consistent and having a workout partner helps you to reach higher levels of training. John quotes himself as “Always moving” and when Leslie may doubt herself, “John is always there to encourage her to do more.” Both John and Leslie, are very pleased with the approachable staff and cleanliness at DTF. Thank you and Congratulations!