Bristol Total Fitness February 2020

January 27, 2020 / Bristol, News & Announcements


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Join Online Today!

Now instead of coming to our clubs to purchase memberships, people will have the opportunity to purchase memberships at their convenience from their computer, smartphones, etc. Feel free to share the link with friends and family.

Online Offer: $29 a Month

Pedal To End Cancer

Pedal to End Cancer, formerly Spin for Hope, is a three-hour SPINNING event taking place simultaneously at participating health clubs around New England. 100% of the contributions go directly to the American Cancer Society!

This is really just a giant Spin Party for a great cause! With over 78 participants last year, Total Fitness raised over $12,000 for the ACS through this event!

Open to all members and the public!

Register for Bristol Total Fitness:
Click Here to register online and select our club Bristol Total Fitness. For further instructions click here.
Event Instructors: Julie, Peggy & Leslie

Registration Fee: $25
Time: Sunday, Mar 1st @ 9am - 12pm

Dartmouth Total Fitness Wellness Center Space Available

Are you looking to expand your business or start a new practice? Our Total Fitness Wellness Center in Dartmouth, MA has one finished office with a private entrance, ideal for professional services such as massage or a doctors 2nd office location. Heat and electric included along with access to a thriving health club with fitness-minded clientele.

For more information email us at or call 508-995-5600.

360 Faunce Corner Rd.
Dartmouth, Ma.


Pilates Studio @ Bristol Total Fitness

Work your body, mind and lift your spirit in our Pilates Studio located at Bristol Total Fitness. Check out the studio's Class Schedule for Pilates Reformer Classes. Contact us for your complimentary 30 minute Pilate's equipment introduction.

685 Metacom Ave
Bristol, RI

Private Yoga Sessions with Adriana Ferns

Private sessions are the perfect way to individualize your Yoga practice along with making it ideal for your body and mind. Adriana can assist the beginner to the more advanced participant with technique to make you feel comfortable in any Yoga setting. A private session allows an individual to set specific goals and plans, such as personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation.

Time: By Appointment

Cost: $70 Per Session
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Winter Meltdown with Dawn Casella

Join Dawn to learn everything you need to know about clean-eating fundamentals in this one-of-a-kind, clean eating discussion-based class that focuses on meal planning, healthy recipes, and a shopping list to get you started. Are you frustrated with starting over whenever losing weight? Sick and tired of trying to stay motivated? Do you feel like you'll never be as fit as you want to be? With group-support begin your journey to optimal health and happiness. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Feb 3rd - Mar 2nd

Cost: $70
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Train Like a Pro with Michael Mullen

This 6-week group training is for anyone from the high school athlete who is looking to get a step up in their competition, to a fantasy football manager who gets frustrated every Sunday and yells at the tv “come on, I could do that”. This class is designed with drills and exercises that the pros and top division 1 athletes do every day. Focusing on speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination, cardio exercises include ladder drills, cone drills, quick feet, medicine balls and more. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Tuesday @ 3:15pm - 4:15pm, Feb 4th - Mar 10th
Thursday @ 3:15pm - 4:15pm, Feb 6th - Mar 12th
Saturday @ 10am - 11pm, Feb 8th - Mar 14th
Tuesday @ 3:15pm - 4:15pm, Mar 24th - Apr 28th
Thursday @ 3:15pm - 4:15pm, Mar 26th - Apr 30th
Saturday @10am - 11am, Mar 28th - May 2nd

Cost: $99
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Strengthen & Lengthen with Erin Ward

Reap the benefits of a pilates reformer workout with a dose of metabolic training! For 6-weeks chisel your core, elongate your muscles, and tone your whole body. Stoke your metabolism with short bursts of cardio in between exercises. The pilates reformer is a spring-loaded carriage that provides resistance along with your own body. It provides support for the body while encouraging good posture. Get long and lean! (min. 3 max. 4 participants)

Tuesday @ 7:45am - 8:45am, Feb 4th - Mar 17th

Cost: $99
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Walk this Weigh with Andrea Chase

This 8-week functional training program will combine power walking, hill climbing and strength training for weight loss and/or overall wellness. Each week Andrea will challenge you by increasing the intensity to help you improve your endurance, balance and coordination along with your emotional well-being in a fun and encouraging environment. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 9:30am - 10:30am, Feb 13th - Apr 2nd

Cost: $130
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

March Madness with Susan Gibeau

Join Fitness Coach Sue Gibeau for a 4-week group training program designed to channel your inner athlete! Each participant will learn to organize and execute a well-balanced workout routine focusing on the “5 components of fitness”; cardiovascular and muscle endurance, muscular strength and flexibility all while improving your overall body composition. The group training is open to both men and women and can be modified for MOST fitness levels. So…what do YOU have to GAIN? (min. 3 max. 12 participants)

Sunday @ 10am - 11am, Mar 8th - Mar 29th

Cost: $70 (Optional $20 Drop-In)
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Spring Suspension Training with Adriana Ferns

​Break out from your old routine and join Adriana for this 8-week program. TRX is a form of suspension training used to perform total body workouts with exercises that engage your core, while using your own bodyweight for resistance. Adriana will use TRX to take your resistance training to a new level through functional and dynamic movements, perfect for any age and any fitness level. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 5:45am - 6:45am, Mar 9th - Apr 27th

Cost: $130
Location: Bristol Total Fitness


  • STRENGTH TRAINING 101: Mon 2/3 & 2/10 @ 12:30pm & Wed 2/19 & 2/26 @ 12:30pm w/ SUE G
  • EVERY BODY CIRCUIT: Tues 2/4 & 2/25 @ 4:30pm W/ SUE G
  • TOTAL BODY FUSION: Thurs 2/6 & 2/27 @ 8:30am w/ SUE G
  • 20/20/20: Tues 2/11 & 2/18 @ 4:30pm w/ JULIE
  • VALENTINE’S SPIN: Thurs 2/13 @ 9:30am w/ SUE G
  • CORE FUSION: Thurs 2/13 @ 8:30am w/ SUE G
  • 90-MIN PATRIOTIC RIDE: Sun 2/16 @ 8:00am w/ SUE G
  • 90-MIN RALLY RIDE: Mon 2/17 @ 5:30pm w/ LESLIE & PEGGY ( PTEC TEAM)
  • CARDIO CORE MASHUP: Thurs 2/20 @ 8:30am w/ SUE G


Pat Fonseca joined Bristol Total Fitness in 2016. She consistently participates in the Silver Sneakers senior exercise program three days a week and likes riding a stationary bike along with walking on the treadmill. Pat enjoys helping others who have handicaps and convinces them that exercise is the best medicine. Her positive health and fitness tip is to do “whatever motivates you!” She believes in staying positive no matter what and encourages people to remain healthy by exercising daily and to “always remember to drink, drink, drink – water that is!” Congratulations, Pat!