Bristol Total Fitness August Newsletter

July 14, 2020 / Bristol, News & Announcements

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9th Annual Free Boot Camp at Independence Park with Adriana Ferns

Bristol Total Fitness and Bristol Parks and Recreation are teaming up to create a healthier community. Join Adriana for this free boot camp, open to the public. Bring your friends and family! Enjoy the fresh outdoors and downtown Bristol!

Equipment: yoga mat, towel and water bottle

Saturday @ 7am – 8am, Jun 20th – Sep 26th

Location: Independence Park, Bristol

Independence Park Free Summertime Sweat Sesh with Susan Gibeau

This workout will consist of bodyweight work, Tabata, HIIT and good old Calisthenics. Modifications can be made for most fitness levels.

Equipment: yoga mat, towel and water bottle

Wednesday @ 4pm – 5pm, Jul 8th - Aug 26th

Location: Independence Park, Bristol

"NEW: Motion Vibe Group Fitness Class Reservations

Total Fitness is excited to announce our NEW online reservation system! Registering for a Motion Vibe account is quick and easy. Click here for more info on how you can get started. Classes will be open one day before the class's scheduled time. Motion Vibe app coming soon! Stay tuned!


Facebook Live Classes

Can't make it into the gym... No Problem Total Fitness has gone LIVE! Join this Exclusive Group offered as part of your membership. You can join ALL Total Fitness Group Fitness Groups for a variety of classes with all your favorite instructors. Can't make it to the class when it is offered, no worries you can come back the page anytime to view the class and participate when it is best for you (with the exception of Group Power). Click here for more information on how you can join.


Corona Bounce Back with Adriana Ferns

Time to get rid of the Corona 15! Join Adriana for this 8-week group training that will melt body fat and help get you back to where you were before all this craziness started. The training will provide structure and workouts for the week along with meal plans journals. Outdoors Weather Permitting  (3 min. 8 max.)

Monday@ 5pm - 6pm, Aug 3rd - Sep 28th

Cost: $130 (Optional $20 Drop-In)
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Preseason Strength and Conditioning for Student-Athletes with Susan Gibeau

Get ready for your Fall sport now! This co-ed preseason training is perfect for the athlete looking to develop:

  • Cardiovascular & Muscle Endurance
  • Muscle Strength
  • Flexibility & Agility

Training sessions will help the athlete prepare for their sport of choice. (3 min. 8 max.)

Saturday@ 9:30am - 10:30am, Aug 8th - Aug 29th

Cost: $70 Member $99 Non-Member (Includes 1-month gym membership)
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Stand Tall - Don't Fall with Susan Gibeau

A 4-week one hour group training designed to improve your individual strength, balance, flexibility, posture, and agility to promote independent living and prevent falls. (3 min. 8 max.)

Monday @ 11:30am - 12:30am, Aug 10th - Aug 31st

Cost: $70 Member
Location: Bristol Total Fitness (Group Fitness Studio)