Bristol Total Fitness November Newsletter

October 26, 2020 / Bristol, News & Announcements

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Wednesday, 11/25 All Clubs Close at 5 pm (All afternoon classes cancelled)
Thursday, 11/26 All Clubs Open 7 am -11 am Thanksgiving Day regularly scheduled classes are cancelled.
Friday, 11/27 All Clubs Open at 8 am – Classes after 8 am


Free Workout Videos

Can’t make it to the gym? No problem. Click here for free Total Fitness workout videos that you can do from your home right now. Want more free workouts? Subscribe to our YouTube channel – new workouts added weekly!


Facebook Live Classes

Join this Exclusive Group offered as part of your membership. You can join ALL Total Fitness Group Fitness Groups for a variety of classes with all your favorite instructors. Can't make it to the class when it is offered, no worries you can come back the page anytime to view the class and participate when it is best for you (with the exception of Group Power). Click here for more information on how you can join.


Strive 2B FIT with Susan Gibeau

Join Sue for this 6-week group training to improve your fitness using resistance bands! Bands are an easy way to achieve your strength-training goals-no dumbbells, barbell or machines required. It doesn’t take pumping iron or fancy weight machines to get a body of steel. Resistance bands let you do a wide array of safe, effective exercises that making building strength simple. All fitness levels welcome. (3 min. 6 max.)

Saturday @ 8:30am - 9:30am, Nov 14th - Dec 19th

Cost: $99
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Core Fit Club with Susan Gibeau

Strengthen YOUR core inside and out! This 4-week small group training will provide effective core-based workouts that will improve posture, balance, and flexibility while you build strength and tone. Modifications will be provided to accommodate various fitness levels to help you work towards your goals and build confidence. All fitness levels welcome. (3 min. 6 max.)

Monday @ 8:30am - 9:30am, Nov 16th - Dec 7th

Cost: $70 Member $99 Non-Member (Includes 1-month gym membership)
Location: Bristol Total Fitness

Drop The COVID-19 with Adriana Ferns 

The pandemic have you feeling out of shape? Or maybe gained a few pounds (like 19)? This 8-week group training will provide a structure through exercise, meal tracking, and group camaraderie. The goal is to drop the quarantine weight along with a mental health component to begin your journey back to a healthy lifestyle. This training will provide a structured weekly workout plan as well as meal guidelines and accountability. (3 min. 6 max.)

Tuesday @ 4pm - 5pm, Dec 1st - Jan 19th

Cost: $130
Location: Bristol Total Fitness